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                英語作文 學英語,練聽力,上聽力」課堂! 註冊 登錄
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                掃描二∑ 維碼方便學習和分享







                My holiday-我的假期

                Summer holiday has already come.How happy I am!

                The favorite thing I want to do is traveling.I joined an outdoor club and went to the seaside in Zhejiang province with other members.On July 20,we started our journey at 21:00 in the evening.I was so sleepy that I fell asleep in the bus.

                Suddenly someone was pushing me.I opened my eyes and a beautiful sea was right there.What a beautiful place!We swam in the sea and played beach volleyball.The wind,the sunshine,the blue sky and the happy boys and girls formed a wonderful picture!At noon,we cooked seafood like crabs,shrimps,seashells and so on.They are all so delicious.

                My mouth is now watering again.I will never forget such interesting expirence.


                【My Holiday】

                Oh! It was winter holiday. I was very happy. I read my favourite books. I have many wonderful books. But I could not read these books too much. I also had a lot of homework to do. I like playing computer games, too. It’s very interesting. But I could not play it too much. I wear glasses, I’m very sad. It’s not good for my eyes to play computer games too much.

                Oh! It was the Spring Festival. It’s Chinese traditional festival. People were very happy. They went shopping, cleaned their houses, had supper together……I went to my grandparents’ home with my parents. My grandparents were very happy to see us. They prepared many kinds of nice food, such as fish, meat, vegetables and fruit. In the evening, we watched TV and lighted fireworks. We also knocked on people’s doors and gave some presents to them. After the Spring Festival, we went to Shanghai to go shopping. We bought clothes, shoes and some delicious food.

                I had a good holiday, I think. I also have very nice school life now.


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